Monday, January 9, 2012

My first post

Hello. I'm an 11 year old unschooler, and I'm a huge gamer.

I hear a lot of people a lot of the time saying that video gaming makes your brain rot. I've heard from people that while video gaming, you don't learn anything or use your imagination. All you do is sit there, pressing buttons, moving your mouse or analog sticks and basically doing nothing else. But that's where they're wrong.

Take a game like Portal 2 for an example. I just recently bought Portal 2 for our computer, and I love it. When you hear the word 'Puzzle' you think about something that exercises your brain. Portal 2 is just that. You have a portal gun, and you use the portal shot out of it to make your way to the exit. Now I know, it sounds simple, you put a portal in front of you and a portal at the exit. No. There are certain places that you can place portals, there's buttons to be pressed, there's lasers to be redirected, there's catapults that launch you across large gaps, there's bridges of pure light, there's momentum needed, there's turrets, there's a heck of a lot of thought and effort involved to getting past each and every level, and the goal is to figure out how.

Now, do you really think that you could beat that game without using your brain or imagination? This game takes a lot of thought. It's an amazing puzzle game.

Let's get to my everlasting love of Minecraft. This game is the single best game I have ever played in my entire life. Yes, better than ANYTHING else I've EVER played. This game is never ending. It can be a sandbox game, it can be a survival type game, or you can play custom maps. I will never grow tired of this game. Exercise your brain? Heck yes. When you're down In a cave, cornered by Zombies or Skeletons or Creepers, and you have no sword, (And this happens a lot... Trust me.) you need to think. You need to think harder and faster than you've ever thought before. Do you make a run for it? Do you dig a hole in the wall and make a sword to fight? Do you surrender? It's that one moment of complete brainstorming that makes this game so much fun, and also great for your brain. And this is survival mode. Want imagination too? Try creative mode. Infinite everything. You could build a scale model of the Eiffel Tower or create a massive statue of yourself, make pixel art, or absolutely ANYTHING you can imagine up. I have a server that my friends and I play on, we have mansions and statues, secret rooms and piston masterpieces, cactus farms, mob traps, lava pits, roller coasters, and an amusement park.

Basically, my point here is; To everyone who says gaming rots your brain, and is horrible for imagination and all that crap, you're so wrong.

Paxton, the unshooled gamer.


  1. Hi Paxton!

    I found your blog through reading your mom's and I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE what you wrote! My 13 year old son and my husband both really dig Minecraft and they worked together to make a giant pyramid in their game. I'm not a gamer myself, but both of my sons as well as my husband are and I see the value in it in so many ways.

    Congrats on the new blog! I look forward to learning from you and I'll be passing it along to my boys as I'm sure they'll be excited to read your stuff, too. ~Krista

  2. play halo im 11 to dont play roblox play angry birds there fun im gonna make a minecraft server soon im working on it now litteraly right now im stoping for 1 second to tell u this u can come if u want its up to 10 ppl and no white list not much ppl will play it tho cuz i dont want overcrowded unexpierienced minecraft players but ive been playing minecraft for a long time i need expeirenced minecraft players like you

  3. I also found your blog through your mum's. I just wanted to write that I reluctantly had a read as I have never been interested in gaming, but my son (who is quite young) is showing interest in computers and games. You just changed my whole perspective on it!! completely flipped it :) thanks from me and on behalf of the future (maybe gaming) him, thanks from my son!

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  6. Hi, I'm almost 11 years old and I LOVE your blog!! Like pretty much everyone else here, I found your blog through your mom's, and I think you rock as a writer! I've never heard of those games, (but I have a kindle fire and some other games on my computer, so I would call myself a gamer) But they sound awesome from how you described them, especially minecraft. How do you get it on your computer? Is it free? Thanks! Maggie

  7. Hi! I'm ALSO 11 years old and your blog is COOL! I've heard of World Of Warcraft is it the same thing as Mine Craft? Or maybe it was made by the same people?

    I guess you could call me a gamer too. I like- Zelda, Plants V.S Zombies, we have Angry Birds but I haven't tried it out yet. Especially Zelda! :D There's a WHOLE lot of thinking to do in Zelda! Have you heard of it?

    And you're a magnificent writer! :) Are you planning on being an author or something? I think being an author would be cool so I'm working on it! :)

    Actually I guess I all ready am because an author is just someone who writes books! (which is Exactly what I do.)

  8. @Maggie

    Thanks! And Minecraft is a totally amazing game. It's not free, but if you have the money, it's really easy to get. And if you buy the account, you can download it as many times as you want, on any computer you want from that same account. But basically, the website is right here if you want to check it out. >>> <<<

  9. @thegirlnamedjack

    Yes I've heard of Zelda, it's a great series. We have Twilight Princess and the Four Swords, and they're both awesome! Plants VS Zombies is also awesome, I have it for my DS and love it! I might become an author someday as something to do when I have nothing else to do. But my main idea is for a gaming career. I know of a place where you don't need a college diploma or anything to get in. But that's another blog. And Minecraft, I don't know where you heard that it's like World Of Warcraft, but it sure isn't... It's better, in my opinion. Anyways, thanks a lot! And if you want to learn more about Minecraft, is where you want to go.

  10. Hello,right now i'm 16 but I've been into games and computer since i could walk. My whole family has been into games even my grandparents, who started a black and white tv playing Mario. Since i was about 10 or 11 I've always been interested in creating the environment of the game itself, which is exactly what Minecraft offers for me. That is why its probably one of the best games ever made. Well from one gamer to another I just want to say never stop trying to pursue your dream of going into the gaming career.